INSIDE OUT–becoming your own man

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I am taught what I am…
I live out what I am…
I explore what I am…
I cannot hide what I am…
I am just fine as I am…
I am as deep as creation…
I am one with creation…
I am a man.

written by Jed Diamond

 What is a man? That should be a simple question, but many young men today don’t know the answer. Listen to the poem one young man penned:

What is a man?
Is he someone who is strong and tall,
Or is taut and talented as he plays ball?
Is he someone who is hardened and rough,
Who smokes and drinks and swears enough?
Is he someone who chases women hard,
With a quest to conquer, but never dropping his guard?
Is he someone with a good business mind,
Who gets ahead of the others with his nose to the grind?
Or is he someone who tries his best,
Not really caring about any of the rest?
What is a man? Does anyone know?

Who is the prototype? To whom shall I go?

A wise man laid out Four Marks of a Real Man:

His masculinity is based on faith, not flesh. In short they are:

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2. A Real Man accepts responsibility
3. A Real Man leads courageously
4. A Real Man expects the greater reward.