‘WHAT-THE-YUCK?’ Patrick’s story

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On opening the door to my office, Patrick* breezed past me for his first appointment.  “Hmmmm,” I thought to myself, “this should be interesting.”  Shutting the door, I turned to find him pacing back and forth.   I invited him to sit, but he continued his pacing.   Never having met him before, I pondered what to do.  So I sat and waited.

Then he managed to find his voice, “I’m sorry,” he said, “but I just have to get this off my chest.   And, first, I want you to know I am not the type of man who ever needs help, never mind come to a counsellor for counselling!   But, I’m having nightmares, I’m not eating, in fact in the past few weeks I had four occasions where I have fainted.   I feel rejected, alone, angry and guilty.”

Patrick went on to tell me he is single and 35, had recently moved to Canada from the U.K. and had met a woman who he had been dating for the past seven months.   He quit pacing and collapsed in one of the chairs and said, “Out of the blue she dumped my ass.   And when I asked her why she says she doesn’t know.”  With his head in his hands, he said, “I can’t go on like this, especially over a woman”.   And then in a soft, small voice he whispered, “I am always the dump-ee not the dump-er”.

I am pleased to say that Patrick and I working with my balls-to-the-wall approach in counselling soon got his emotional balls back on, he got right back to the dating pond, and last month he called to say he met the woman of his dreams! 

 Too good to be true, you say?    Not on my watch! 

And, Dude, if you come to see me for help you’d better be prepared to really confront some of your personal crap that is in your own way 🙂

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*All names are fictitious, some characters are composite in nature to form an illustrative character, and any recognizable features have been changed. Any resemblance of such person(s) written about in this book to any actual person is entirely coincidental.